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Feb 22 2011

Launching A Non-Profit and Foundation

A few years ago I thought about launching a non-profit for the benefit of farmers and the promotion of pure vanilla.  Between running my business, moderating The International Tropical Farmers Network, a Google group I launched for farmers, scientists and others interested in the issues of the vanilla industry and/or tropics, and being in aggressive chemotherapy for a year, my plate was so overflowing that I realized it wasn’t realistic to try to shove one more thing onto it as everything would end up on the floor, including me.

Then a couple of weeks ago

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Feb 19 2010

Sending Prayers to Haiti

Since I first read about the earthquake two weeks ago tomorrow, each day I look to see if anything hopeful has been posted about Haiti.  A country that before the earthquake has been overlooked and ignored by the world’s governments.  Now the devastation and desperation is so great it is impossible to wrap my mind around what it must be like to be in Port Au Prince as a survivor or aid provider.

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