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Jun 04 2009

How to Make Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Cordials

Homemade vanilla extract is easy and fun to make. It isn’t as strong as commercial vanilla extracts but it may have a somewhat fuller flavor than extracts from the market. But the real pleasure is in making it.bundles

What kind of alcohol should you use?

It doesn’t matter which alcohol you choose for making extract – it’s more a question of which alcohol you prefer.

Vodka has the least flavor to interfere with the taste of the vanilla. Because rum is sweet, it’s the best for making cordials, and vanilla brandy is lovely to pour over freshly baked cakes or to add to stewed winter fruits.

You can also add additional spices to the alcohol to make a spiced rum, vodka or brandy. In Reunion, Madagascar, and the Caribbean countries, most families have their own spiced rum blends that they serve for sipping. Sometimes medicinal herbs are added to the alcohol and used for coughs or stomach ailments.







Home-made vanilla extract makes a great gift

For gift making, decant the extract into unusual bottles, add one vanilla bean to each bottle and attach a label and voilà, yo, you have a very attractive gift.

I sometimes tie a couple of extra beans to the bottle with raffia and include directions for making more extract.

You can also turn your homemade extract into a vanilla cordial for a truly unique and elegant gift that will be greatly appreciated as it’s used.

How to make vanilla extract

Split five vanilla beans lengthwise down the center to expose the seeds, keeping the ends of the beans intact. Place Rum-and-Beans-IMG_1325-e1361843055529beans in a pint of high-quality vodka, rum or brandy. Store in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or closet for at least four weeks. Shake the bottle several times a week.

To use, either remove four of the beans for another purpose (you can add them with a fresh bean to make more extract, or you can use them for cooking), or let all the beans remain in the bottle, and periodically, add more alcohol to keep the bottle replenished. Eventually the beans will lose their strength but they should contain flavor for many months.

How to make vanilla cordial

Follow the above directions for making extract. When the extract is at least four weeks old, remove the beans from the bottle and place in a medium saucepan. Add 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Continue to boil about 3 minutes more, stirring occasionally.

Pour the syrup through the sieve lined with fresh cheesecloth into a clean bottle. Next, pour the extract through the sieve into the bottle. Add a vanilla bean to the bottle if desired. Allow the cordial to mellow at least one week before using. If you want a cordial that isn’t quite this strong, double the amount of simple syrup.

Please shop our store for the finest vanilla beans to use in your extract. Your purchase here supports the work we do for the farmers.  Read more…

Patricia Rain
is an author, educator, culinary historian, and owner of The Vanilla Company (www.vanillaqueen.com), a socially conscious, product-driven information and education site dedicated to the promotion of pure, natural vanilla, and the support of vanilla farmers worldwide. She also does culinary presentations for food professionals, cooking schools, trade shows, food fairs, and private groups, and is a regular radio and TV guest.

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Get recipes, special discounts, and news on issues of concern about our planet and its inhabitants. Over 5,000 subscribers!


Sabrina 24-04-2014, 12:49

Many Pure Vanilla Extracts list Vanilla bean extractives as ingredients. What exactly are Vanilla bean extractives? How are they different from whole Vanilla beans? I’m trying to ensure that there is nothing in the extractives other than vanilla beans. Can the extractives contain any articicial or “natural” flavors?

Thank you,

Patricia Rain 24-04-2014, 12:58

Sabrina, Vanilla bean extractives simply means ground up vanilla beans. They grind the beans before making the extract. That said, although companies are technically supposed to list all the ingredients, not all do. They don’t always list what type of alcohol has been used in the extract, what sweeteners have been used (or not) such as corn syrup, and if they have additional ingredients such as caramel coloring. The deal on caramel coloring is that it adds more sweetening to the product.

Our vanilla extracts now contain no sugar. We had a very small amount of sugar in our extracts and so our labels may indicate that, but the extracts actually have no sweetener at all — just vanilla beans, sugar cane alcohol and water.


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